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We develop new strategies to strengthen your sustainability work, brand value and long term profitability, based on key sustainability principles, circular strategies and best practice.


We create transparent and selling sustainability material for internal and external use, by refining existing documents or developing new texts and images, according to your needs.

Holistic analyses

We perform a systems analysis of your business and its main environmental impacts, in order to create a holistic understanding of your key sustainability issues and identify effective measures.

Specific reports

Through research-oriented methods, we collect, analyze and compile valuable information in a structured and professional report, thus creating a clear and solid basis for decision making.

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Our values


Each assignment is performed with integrity, flexibility and sensitivity to your special needs, ambitions and preconditions.


We feel a genuine commitment to each assignment and honest care for every client, with the aim to meet your highest expectations.


Each assignment is characterized by high professionalism, quality focus and a holistic perspective with careful consideration to detail.


We believe in development and innovation for a sustainable society and are happy to advance your business through new tools etc.

Latest news

From subconscious to conscious fashion

We use the term ‘conscious fashion’ to refer to a more sustainable fashion industry, but what about ‘sub-conscious fashion’? In the world of psychology, when we talk about the ‘conscious’ and ‘subconscious’ mind, the subconscious mind generally refers to a belief system (that is thought patterns and values) that is acquired...

Circular Fashion website launched

The Circular Fashion website has just been launched. It is a “sister site” of www.greenstrategy.se and has been developed by Green Strategy to specifically address circularity issues related to fashion, apparel and textiles. This website aims to spread awareness and promote dialogue around the concept, principles and best practices of circular...

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